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Carbon Footprint

In this weeks Homelearning you will be developing your understanding of a Carbon Footprint.
There are three activites which you must complete.
1) Watch the youtube clip below. You must create a mind map of the key facts from the clip. This must be brought to lesson.
2) Complete the quiz below. The results will be emailed back to you!
3) Complete the carbon footprint assessment survey and create an infographic which shows your Carbon Footprint

Task One: Watch the clip and create a mind map of the key terms used in it. You should consider watching the clip 2 or 3 times to do this. Presentation of the mind map must be high quality.

Task One: Carbon Footprint

 Task 2: Complete this Quiz sheet. Answer all questions. Your results will be emailed back to you.

carbon Footprint


 Task Three: Using the calculator from this link http://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx work out your carbon footprint.
You are required to create an Infographic based on these results. I have created a google search for you. click here
Use the Vector drawing tools and charts in powerpoint or simalar software to create an info graphic which shows your carbon footprint.
Hand in the infographic or email me a copy.