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Disposal, Landfill and Waste

How are products disposed of? What is it meant by the terms disposal, landfill and waste? How does recycling improve your carbon footprint? This weeks home learning will help you find out.

Task One: Watch the video to find out about landfill  Copy all the key words listed below into your exercise books and write a detailed explanation for each. You'll need to watch the clip at least twice to do this. You could also do some further searching on the internet so that you can increase the detail with which you are writing. 

Task Two: Read the article from the coke website and complete the quiz at the bottom of the page. Make sure you read the site before you attempt the quiz.
Task One video 

What are Landfill sites and how are they used?

Task Two

Include gadget (iframe)

Task One Key Word List

Landfill Site
Bottom liners
Compacted Soil
Polythene Layer
Sewage treatment works