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Chemicals used in the recycling process

This weeks homework will consolidate what you understand about the paper recycling process, it wil introduce the plastic and metal recycling process and will deepen your knowledge and understanding of  how chemicals are used in the recycling process.
Task 1: Watch the three mini-clips below and then answer the quick questions: 
Time = 5mins

Task 2: Download the resource sheet and highlight the key terms and anything which is linked to the use of chemicals: 
Time =  10mins

Task 3: Using a google as a starting point, find out more about Surfactants, Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine in the paper making process. Why are they used, what harm can they do to the environment and what are the alternatives that manufacturers are now starting to use? Present this information as a written piece in your red exercise books. 
 Time = 25mins

Task One Mini Clips - watch all three!!

Recycling Aluminium Cans

Task One video clip:

Recycling Plastic Bottles


Click here to access the resource sheet. You must highlight all the key terms that are linked to chemicals used in recycling. You will need to print it off and stick it into your red exercise book. 
Task One quick questions: Watch all three video clips and then answer these quick summary questions.