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Technical Aspects of Designing and Making

This page will include content to help you prepare for your Technical Aspects of Designing and Making Exam in June. Click the links below to access the resource. Make sure you take notes as well as use the resource!

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Interactive Revision resources

Coming soon

Drawing equipment
print effects
Quality control
logos and symbols
Past papers
Exam date Link to paper Link to answer paper
Jan 2010 http://goo.gl/EDMm9 http://goo.gl/Ix10P
Summer 2010 http://goo.gl/o2Izh for all mark schemes - click mark schemes on the menu and then select the year of the exam... its easy!
Jan 2011 http://goo.gl/tz0pA
Summer 2011http://goo.gl/7otCV
Jan 2012 http://goo.gl/XT92o
Summer 2012 http://goo.gl/VjA0u