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Tetra Pack

In this weeks homelearning you will be learning aboutTetra-Pak's. You be thnking about how are they manufactured and also what makes them hard to recycle.
Task One:     Watch the Youtube clip. Whilst you watch the clip you are to create a mind map of all the key points as you watch it.You may want to watch it 2 or 3 times to do this well. Time = 10mins
Task Two:     Complete the quick quiz below. Time = 5mins
Task Three:    Find out the reasons why tetra pack are hard to recycle. You may want to start with this search that I have done for you. What are the   alternatives to using tetra Packs for packaging drinks. How are they better or worse? Present your findings on one page of your blue excersize book. Time = 25 mins   
Task 2: Complete this quiz to show what you know! Good luck!

How are Tetra Packs manufactured?