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plastics, metals & glass recycling

In this weeks home learning you will learning how plastics, metals and glass are recycled. 

Task One: Watch the video  Time = 5mins
Task Two: Answer the quick questions. Time = 5 mins
Task three: Find out what materials your local area can recycle. You will present this as an information pack for other people to see. You can present your work as a simple leaflet, a poster or a video recorded using your phone/camera.    Time = 30mins

Assessment for your learning
D grade Information pack - You will have basic information about recycling in your area, you have some basic images + an unimaginative layout design
C Grade - you have information which includes the types of materials that can be recycled, you suitable images which enhance the good layout design
A Grade - You have included information about specific materials and locations where materials can be taken to. Your layout is clear, and makes great use of simple images which help people understand recycling.
Task one - Watch the the video clips!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Task Two - Answer the questions!

Copy of Chemicals - recycling quick questions