11into12 - Amplifier Mini Project

Well Done for visiting StPaulsDt and getting this far! 

Sadly this web page may not hold the answers or short cuts you were looking for. But so that you feel that you haven't wasted your time coming here, i will give you five pieces of advice

  1. Get sketch book and draw out lots of ideas
  2. Print out and stick existing examples into your sketchbook and draw over them and next to them
  3. Don't settle on the first idea you have. Refine your idea over a number of ideas
  4. Make a few models and keep testing them against each other. Use cheap materials such as corrugated card boxes and carton board boxes. 
  5. Get other people to offer advice and "interactive dialogue" about how to improve your design. Get them to test and use it as well as look at it!

Good luck